"Each track is full of great heavy tones accentuated with Brad Lockhart's vocals which remind me subtly of some great early 90's noise rock styled vocal deliverance."
Jon Vader. Heavy Planet
"Dryland's live performance was one of the tightest, impassioned, and funnest sets I've ever seen in town." 
-Autumn Marceau, What's Up Magazine
"Nothing I like better than heavy bass and drums backing chunky, driving guitar riffs and Dryland holds it down all night long. The lyrics are exceptional, it’s nice to hear some stories being told for once."
-Jeffery McNulty, The Seattle Passive Aggressive
"Dryland bring pure punk-inspired stoner rock to the masses." 
-Brett R, Another Metal Review Podcast
Formed in 2014 of the best of pals, Dryland is not a myth. Through catchy, driving riffs riding a cloud of crunch, Dryland will guide the listener along a journey to populate the sun in a distant plane once inhabited by the Crab People, now ruled by the Moss Lord.

Dryland exists somewhere in the space between Motörhead, Nick Cave, Red Fang, Danzig, and of course, Black Sabbath. Your mom will probably like them despite not liking "that kind of music." 

They released their first full-length album, Self-Titled, in 2017. In December of 2018 Dryland entered the studio with producer + engineer Matt Bayles, the sonic wizard behind artists like Mastodon, The Sword, Pearl Jam and Isis. Tracking for a new EP began at the Hall of Justice, the same Seattle studio that birthed Nirvana's 'Bleach' and Mudhoney's 'Superfuzz Bigmuff'. The mixture of Bayles' modern metal production with the caveman rock of grunge's yesteryear are set to collide on this new monumental recording.
Stage Mates
Bands with whom we have shared the stage:
Red Fang, R.I.P., Thunderpussy, Helms Alee, Whores, Big Business, Castle, Lozen, Wild Powwers, Mount Saturn, Mos Generator, Voycheck, Earth Control, Tacos!, Year of the Cobra, Noah Landis and Scott Kelly (Neurosis), [b r a c k e t s] , CAGES, Melancholia, DeathCave, Serpent Sun
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